Catherine and Matthew – Abbeville 12th August 2017

What a beautiful location for a winter wedding, Abbeville is a place where time stands still, a truly exceptional venue that has on site the most gorgeous historic Chapel, a red barn that looks straight out of the wild west and the original homestead now a sophisticated reception room,  a full working kitchen and a contemporary stylish lounge for relaxing.  The surrounding farmland and herb gardens were the perfect backdrop for the end of the day bridal portraits.

Thankyou Catherine and Matthew, your warmth, friendship and an abundance of humour makes everyone that enters into your world feel really special and I feel very lucky that you asked me to be a part of your day.

Here are a few of my favourite images that documented the day

Makeup by Connor Adams

Flowers by La Femme Fleur

M&C Girls getting ready LR-26M&C Girls getting ready LR-78M&C Girls getting ready LR-103M&C Girls getting ready LR-40M&C Girls getting ready LR-114M&C Girls getting ready LR-29M&C Girls getting ready LR-143M&C Girls getting ready LR-152M&C Girls getting ready LR-161M&C Girls getting ready LR-117M&C Girls getting ready LR-96M&C Girls getting ready LR-174M&C Girls getting ready LR-168M&C Girls getting ready LR-105M&C Girls getting ready LR-127M&C Girls getting ready LR-195M&C Girls getting ready LR-186M&C Girls getting ready LR-199M&C Girls getting ready LR-188Guys getting ready LR-3Guys getting ready LR-9
Guys getting ready LR-19Friends and Dancing LR-26Dinner LR-22-2Dinner LR-21-2Dinner LR-13-2Dinner LR-10-2 Ceremony LR-19Ceremony LR-17Ceremony LR-14Ceremony *LR-64Bridal Party LR-13Bridal Party *LR-27Bridal Party *LR-20Bridal Party *LR-21Bridal Party *LR-23Bridal Party LR-1Bridal Party *LR-26Bridal Party *LR-27-2Bridal Party *LR-29-2Bride and Groom LR-3Bride and Groom LR-16Bride and Groom LR-17Bride and Groom LR-23Bride and Groom LR-30Bride and Groom *LR-3Bride and Groom LR-37 Bride and Groom LR-42Bride and Groom LR-107Bride and Groom LR-112Bride and Groom LR-108Bride and Groom LR-113Bride and Groom LR-110Bride and Groom LR-91Bride and Groom LR-105Bride and Groom LR-97Bride and Groom LR-101Bride and Groom LR-93Bride and Groom LR-40Bride and Groom LR-90Bride and Groom LR-61Bride and Groom LR-81Bride and Groom LR-64Bride and Groom LR-62Bride and Groom LR-131Bride and Groom LR-127Bride and Groom LR-126Bride and Groom LR-115Bride and Groom LR-130Bride and Groom LR-123Bride and Groom LR-121Bride and Groom LR-87Bride and Groom LR-86Bride and Groom LR-88Bride and Groom LR-136Bride and Groom LR-133Bride and Groom LR-132Bride and Groom LR-134Bridal Party LR-68Bridal Party LR-67Bridal Party LR-61Bridal Party LR-49Bridal Party LR-32Bridal Party LR-28Friends and Dancing LR-36Friends and Dancing LR-41Friends and Dancing LR-35Dinner LR-2Friends and Dancing LR-79Friends and Dancing LR-38Friends and Dancing LR-32Friends and Dancing LR-53Friends and Dancing LR-57Friends and Dancing *LR-17-3Friends and Dancing *LR-22-3

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