Lynda and Darryn

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The rain poured down all around us but no-one seemed to notice or care. I was in awe of the love they had for each other, their generous and caring nature made for a fun day filled with so much laughter and joy.  I took Lynda and Darryn out to visit Twinlakes as a photographic location posibility and they fell in love with it as I had, such a special place, this location alongRead more

Koreen and Dave

It was a stunning day, hot sun and bright blue skies, the perfect setting for this tropical pacific island style wedding on New Zealand’s popular Waiheke island.  What a special day in paradise, filled with so much love and laughter, family and friends.  It was lovely capturing these beautiful moments as they unfolded throughout the day.Read more